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  Pool Rules

#1 No Running.

#2 No glass outside of house.

#3 Children (under 18) must be supervised by an adult while swimming and playing around the pool.

#4 No pushing anyone in and no jumping in on anyone.

#5 Use the restroom inside house not the pool, don't track water through house. The best way is to enter the master bedroom bathroom from the outside. Please explain this to your children.

#6 Don't splash anyone as they are coming up for air.

#7 No one over 250 pounds going off diving board or slide.

#8 No eating or drinking while in pool.

#9 Use bucket to splash water on slide before going down slide.

#10 Put pool foats and toys away when not in use.

What do we want?

Everyone to have a great time without anyone getting hurt or damaging the property.

Starting with the pool... Please sit down with your children and explain the dangers of water and
how important it is to be safe when playing around water.

The last thing you want is for someone to get hurt on their and your vacation.

Be aware that not everyone is a great swimmer, so use common sense with play.

Try minimise splashing water out of pool, water is expensive.

Please Take Pool Safty Serious

Have fun and be safe as possible

don't ever give up

Home Rules

#1 No Running. The park and Creeper Trail are at the end of the street, great places to run.

#2 No smoking in house.

#3 Town noise ordinace at 10:00 pm

#4 Be considerate and repectful to our neighbors, please no in appropriate language or behavior. Earthmoods vacation rental is situated in a typical residential community. “Partying” during the late evening or early morning hours can be disruptive. All neighbors adjacent to our vacation rentals have our emergency numbers; if the police or we have to be called out one time, you will be escorted from the property and no refund will be issued.

#5 Keep home clean, wash dishes after use, and mop floor at the end of vacation trip. Put trash in containers.

#6 Please keep the doors and windows closed if the air conditioner is on. The air conditioning system will freeze up if it is made to work with the windows and/or doors open. Guests will be charged for the service call if this happens.